Customer Service

Our Customer Service 
Fabulous Feathers & More takes pride in our work and in our clients. We're known for our extraordinary quality of feathers. Ask around and you'll hear praise from many happy customers. Wer'e ALWAYS here for you, to answer any of your questions.
We'll glady offer advise on an event, or if you're in need ideas, give us a call!
We've been around for many years offering only the best quality all around.
* If you have any questions you can always reach us at
(818) 881-0602 Phone (818) 773-0603 Fax

Our collection includes a complete line of feather boas, ostrich plumes, pheasant tails, peacock feathers, rooster feathers, goose feathers, turkey feathers, strung feathers, feather fringes, feather roses, feather fans, feather masks, handmade feather items, and custom designs for stage & screen.