About Us

Fabulous Feathers & More

In 2006 Fabulous Feathers & More was created. A lot of work went into building our name in this industry. We are known all over the world as the "Go To Feather Company." We carefully hand select our feathers making sure you receive the very best. In our warehouse we have a steaming unit, a dye facility that allows us to create any color you desire. Take a look at our track record below and see why we are the very best!

*** We are known as Fabulous Feathers & More. We are not affiliated with another company. We are the one and only Fabulous Feathers & More.
Many other companies claim they're us, but it's false. 
Fabulous Feathers & More has sold to numerous accountants.
* Fashion Designer, Cynthia Rowley
* Elliott Lucca
* Sue Wong
* Bergdorf Goodman
* Neiman Marcus
* Saks Fifth Avenue
* Nordstroms
* People Magazine
* Vogue Magazine
* Martha Stuart Living Magazine 
* Weddings Worldwide
* Corporate Events
* Rio Carnival
* Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Caribbean
* Antigua & Barbuda Carnival Caribbean
* Aruba Carnival
* St Vincent & The Grenadines Carnival Caribbean
* USA Carnival - Miami, Brooklyn, New York Labor Day
* Caribbean - Carnival 
* The Rose Parade, Pasadena, Ca ( Jack in the Box Float 2011 )
* Bar & Bat Mitzvah's, Sweet Sixteen & Quinceanera
* High School Proms across the U.S.A
* Burlesque, Polynesian, Ballroom & Samba Dance Worldwide
* Mardi Gras in New Orleans
* Motion Picture Films
* Taylor Swift ( Country Music Awards )

Our collection includes a complete line of feather boas, ostrich plumes, pheasant tails, peacock feathers, rooster feathers, goose feathers, turkey feathers, strung feathers, feather fringes, feather roses, feather fans, feather masks, handmade feather items, and custom designs for stage & screen.