Bulk Feathers - Plumes → Bulk, Ostrich Plumes Femme Wings 24" and up. 1/2 lb Approx 35 pcs.

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Bulk, Ostrich Plumes Femme Wings 24" and up. 1/2 lb Approx 35 pcs. 

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Ostrich Plume Femme Wings 24" and up
Wholesale: $225.00 1/2 lb. or Approx. 35 Pcs, depending on the weight & size of the feathers.
These are the largest, most elegant feathers from the Ostrich. They average 12" wide with a dramatic hang.  
All colors available: White, Off White, Light Pink, Candy Pink, Yellow, Peach, Hot Pink, Gold Yellow, Salmon, Burgundy, Orange, Wine, Lavender, Red, Lime Green, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Lilac, Kelly Green, Aqua, Purple, Dark Purple, Hunter Green, Teal, Turquoise, Grey, Black, Camel, Brown, Navy  
While we sell only first quality feathers, you can expect some bad feathers in any pound as these are all products of Mother Nature. If you require every feather perfect, we suggest to buy them by the piece.
Regular Price: $245.00
On Sale Now: $225.00

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