Feather Centerpieces/ArrangementsOstrich Feather Centerpieces

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Arrangement, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!
Regular Price: $85.00
On Sale Now: $70.00

Arrangements, Gardenia! 6pc. All colors available
Regular Price: $400.00
On Sale Now: $360.00

Arrangements, White Picket Fence! 12pc. All colors available
Regular Price: $800.00
On Sale Now: $720.00

Black Crow
Regular Price: $55.00
On Sale Now: $45.00

Black Spider
Regular Price: $55.00
On Sale Now: $42.00

Blue Skies Ahead
Regular Price: $80.00
On Sale Now: $70.00

Lighthouse Trumpet Arrangement with Diamonds. All colors available
Regular Price: $100.00
On Sale Now: $90.00

Arrangements, Sparkling Cider 12 pcs.
Regular Price: $600.00
On Sale Now: $480.00

Arrangements, Rainbow! 4pc.
Regular Price: $180.00
On Sale Now: $160.00

Arrangements, Pop The Champagne! 8pc.
Regular Price: $340.00
On Sale Now: $320.00

Arrangements, Second Time Around! 12pc. All colors available
Regular Price: $490.00
On Sale Now: $480.00

Arrangement, It's Wedding Season. All colors available
Regular Price: $80.00
On Sale Now: $65.00

Arrangement, White Blossom. All Colors Available
Regular Price: $85.00
On Sale Now: $75.00

Daydreamer Arrangement. All colors available
Regular Price: $145.00
On Sale Now: $130.00

Arrangement, Snowflake Arrangement. All colors available
Regular Price: $120.00
On Sale Now: $100.00
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Our collection includes a complete line of feather boas, ostrich plumes, pheasant tails, peacock feathers, rooster feathers, goose feathers, turkey feathers, strung feathers, feather fringes, feather roses, feather fans, feather masks, handmade feather items, and custom designs for stage & screen.